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Organic Coconut Syrup By ManNature

A concentrated sweet water is produced from 100% natural coconut flowers

✓ Sunflower nectar index
✓ Coconut nectar
✓ Coconut nectar But also has nutrients that are beneficial to the body, making it good shape, not fat
✓ Sunflower nectar, coconut, mineral salts and minerals such as iron, copper, potassium at the time of sweat loss
✓ Coconut nectar is not complicated and helps in excretion.
✓ Coconut nectar, nectar from natural sources with complex molecules
✓ Coconut nectar, vinegar - minerals, vitamin C and vitamin B1
✓ Sunflower nectar that has more sugar than other sugars absorbs sugar into the protein slowly.
✓ Coconut nectar helps to get enough energy and good for health.

1 teaspoon coconut water nectar

Just energy 15 kcal of energy

the comparison table.